"Wright’s storytelling is engaging, and they successfully capture our attention for all 60 minutes. The writing is entertaining, quick-witted, and included so many nostalgic references that made me chuckle"

Akin Wright’s ‘I Am Not Black’ is a poignant coming-of-age tale that delves into the challenges faced by a young adolescent who grapples with being perceived as “too white” by both black and white peers while growing up.

Directed by Joseph Junkere, this one-man show presents a humorous yet powerful portrayal of a unique black experience that is both honest and thought-provoking. Akin Wright’s ‘I Am Not Black’ was most recently performed at Camden People’s Theatre in September. 

I was partly inspired by a poem that I wrote when I was 18, partly inspired by the fact that I wasn’t getting any roles from auditions and thought, I might as well just write my own stuff and hope it works out… and it did.

Honesty, humour and swearing, but also a lot of heart about a part of the black experience that isn’t always explored

Everyone and anyone!

It’s for anyone who has ever felt like the person they’re told to be, isn’t who they are. And while it can be disheartening, always remember that you are you!

I know it’s a cliche but compromise really is key. I think the most important aspect is trust. You have to trust that your director has your best interests at heart. It’s also worth remembering through all the arguments and disagreements, the main goal of both director and playwright is to put on a great show.

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